How do I create and send my purchase order?

Partender will automatically track what you need to order after you input all your distributors and par levels in the Product page.

This is how easy it is!

Here is a quick & comprehensive tutorial on automatically generating suggested orders:

Prefer step-by-step instructions? We got you covered:

After you complete an inventory session, sign into and go to the Purchasing page.

1. Click 'Create' in the Draft Orders column.

2.  Click 'Generate via Partender' to create automatic purchase orders for each distributor.

3.  Have products missing a distributor? Select products (or select all) and click 'Assign distributor'.


4. Click 'Generate My Orders'.

5.  Click on a purchase order to edit and download.

6. Select any products that are missing a par level to add them to your order.
 Products missing par levels are at the bottom of the Order.

7. Edit and save your Order. You can change Units to Cases, and change quantities.

DOWNLOAD and send the Purchase Order to your rep! You can also send your orders to your reps right from Partender.

Your submitted Orders will be in the Submitted Order column of your Purchasing page.

TIP:  When your order is delivered, click on a submitted order to convert it to an invoice!

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