Syncing & Stability Issues

Partender’s mobile application relies on a strong internet connection to sync the counts on your device to our servers. Here are a few tips to ensure there are no issues with your data syncing each inventory session.

  • While the offline mode works when you are counting your inventory, it’s best to ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection while you are setting up your virtual venue. This is especially important when you are creating new/private product types that aren’t already in our system. Avoid creating new product types in basements, walk-in coolers, or anywhere else with weak connectivity.

  • If you have multiple usernames to access multiple outlets, be sure to completely log out and shut down the app before accessing each new unit.

    • When you log in to a new account from the same device, be sure the Establishment name at the top of the app matches the areas/sections of that same virtual venue

  • If you are noticing that certain areas or sections aren’t fully loading all of your products, it’s likely that there was a weak connection during the loading process. Don’t try to count your inventory if the products and images aren’t loading properly; that’s indicative of a poor connection that could result in syncing issues once you run the report. If you experience this scenario, try pre-loading all the areas/sections in an area with strong connection before beginning your counts.

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