Managing Distributor Information

As of right now, the Distributor page is just a list of all the public distributors in our database plus whatever ‘private’ distributors you have created for your account. We have plans to make this page more interactive and useful; until then, though, there’s only one way to update/manage your distributor rep’s information.

  • Every time you submit a purchase order to your rep, we will prompt you to confirm or update the representative’s contact information. So if you have a new rep, just wait until you submit your next order to update the contact info.

  • Don’t forget - we automatically check the box that sends a copy to yourself. We recommend leaving that box checked; if you receive a copy of the order, then you know the order was successfully sent out by our server

    • If your rep isn’t receiving their order, read this article to help troubleshoot.

  • You also have the option to CC and BCC teammates and other reps on the orders.

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