How do I add or remove users?

Note: Only Admins can add and remove users.

You can add and remove users on the Personnel page after you log in to We want you to finish Setup, Inventory, Ordering, and Beverage Cost as fast as possible, so you can add as many users to your specific outlet or venue as you like. Related article: How can I split up the work of Setup and Inventory to finish even faster?

The new user will get an emailed invitation, which he or she must accept to be able to log in to your account.

Things to know:
  • To make someone an 'Admin' on your Partender account, please email with your venue name and the user's full name and email address.

If you are trying to add the same user to multiple accounts you have registered with Partender, that user must have a unique email address for each account.

If the user doesn't have a unique email for each Partender account, please contact

  • Admins can also view subscription information on the Settings page of your web portal.

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