How do I reset the counts / levels to 0?

Partender saves your levels/counts from your previous inventory session for 3 main reasons:

1) If you make a mistake or realize that you forgot to count a few products after running your report, you can sign back in to make adjustments without having to start a full inventory session over again.

2) If a product has not been used since your last inventory session, you can immediately swipe to the next item in your app without having to reset the inventory level.

3) You can sign in to spot check and make sure levels and counts are set accurately. This is a great feature for managers and owners!

If you still want to reset all your products to 0, you can do so from the Venue page in your web portal.

NOTE: Resetting to 0 requires Admin approval. Email to request access to the reset feature.

1) Sign into and navigate to the Venue page.

2)  Click the reset function at the bottom right of the screen.

3)  Read the warning, and type in "I understand" to confirm the reset.

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