How do I sort or reformat my inventory report?

You can sort your report by any column to reformat and group different products together.

EXAMPLE:  How can I separate/group my bottled beer and draft beer?

1. Open your inventory report in excel.

2. Click the drop down arrow on your Sort function button. Select 'Custom Sort'.

3.  Under the Column header, click the up and down arrows to open the drop down menu of column options, and select Product Type. Then click '+' in the bottom left to add another sort option, and select 'Container Size'.

4. Click ok! Your report will now be sorted first by Product Type, and then by Container Size, which will group all your beer bottles and draft beer together.

For more detailed instructions, use the Help menu in Excel. Search for custom sort, select 'Sort a list of data', and view the option to sort by multiple columns:

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