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How do I get alerted on distributor price changes, automatically update my Wholesale Cost, and track orders for usage?

You can check in your submitted orders to create an invoice.  You must track your invoices from purchases to get accurate usage and beverage cost.

1. Go to the Purchasing page at  Under 'Submitted Orders', select the order you want to check in.

2. Click 'Convert to Invoice'.

NOTE:  The sidebar will tell you what step you're on in the check-in process.


3.  Review and edit as necessary to reflect your invoice.  You can change quantities and total cost of received products

4.  Check in each item. You can add a new item, or add a credit line item.  Use a credit for KEG RETURNS!

5.  Set the date and time the purchases were delivered and received into the bar.

Invoices will appear in the Invoices column of your Purchasing page. Click on an Invoice to edit or download!

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