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  1. Are the beers measured by bottles or cases?

  2. Can I batch delete bottles?

  3. Can I edit the Inventory Snapshot Report?

  4. Can I have the same bottle multiple times in a section?

  5. Can I measure levels on beer bottles?

  6. Can I take inventory offline?

  7. Getting Started: How to set up Partender

  8. How can I quickly add bottles to a section?

  9. How can I see my total wholesale totals / value on hand for my inventory?

  10. How can I split up the work of Setup and Inventory to finish even faster?

  11. How do I add / create a manual invoice?

  12. How do I add / create a manual order?

  13. How do I add / create a new product?

  14. How do I add a bottle?

  15. How do I add an Area or Bar?

  16. How do I add or remove users?

  17. How do I add sections?

  18. How do I automate my purchase orders?

  19. How do I calcuate loss / variance in the Analytics page?

  20. How do I calculate loss (variance)?

  21. How do I check in my order and create an invoice?

  22. How do I create and send my purchase order?

  23. How do I delete a bottle / product online from the Brands page?

  24. How do I delete a bottle from a section?

  25. How do I delete an inventory report?

  26. How do I download the app on my iOS device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad)?

  27. How do I edit a bottle or product?

  28. How do I enter wholesale prices?

  29. How do I find out what my version of iOS is?

  30. How do I generate or run an inventory report?

  31. How do I get my beverage / pour cost?

  32. How do I get my User Agent String?

  33. How do I integrate Partender with Compeat?

  34. How do I log in?

  35. How do I measure kegs?

  36. How do I print my inventory report?

  37. How do I reset the counts / levels to 0?

  38. How do I see what version of Partender I am using.

  39. How do I set up my bar (venue) in the app?

  40. How do I take inventory of kegs or dark bottles?

  41. How do I transfer products between locations/outlets?

  42. How do I use my data and analytics to earn more money?

  43. How do I view my Cost of Goods Sold?

  44. How do I view my Usage?

  45. How is the Inventory Report organized?

  46. How To Separate Draft vs Bottle Beer COGS

  47. I can't find the Partender App on my iPad / iPad Mini

  48. Managing Distributor Information

  49. Reformatting/Reorganizing Your Report

  50. Syncing & Stability Issues

  51. The app crashed. What happened?

  52. Training Videos - Final Setup (Online Brands Page)

  53. Training Videos - How to take inventory

  54. Training Videos - Initial Setup (Application)

  55. Value on Hand tab in my inventory report does not add up correctly

  56. What devices does Partender work with?

  57. What do I enter for the retail price and serving size?

  58. What do I enter for wholesale and retail prices?

  59. What if I press the home button?

  60. What if I want other people to receive my inventory as well?

  61. What is a Bar or Area?

  62. What is a Par Level?

  63. What is a Section?

  64. What To Do If Your Rep Didn't Receive Your Purchase Order

  65. What version of iOS does Partender run on?

  66. Where do I enter my sales information?

  67. Where is my inventory report? Can I download my inventory report in my web portal?

  68. Why am I getting a network error?

  69. Why do the wine images look different?

  70. Why don't you have more nice product images?

  71. Why is Partender ordering individual beer bottles? I order beer by the case.

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