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  1. Are the beers measured by bottles or cases?

  2. Can I batch delete bottles?

  3. Can I edit the Inventory Snapshot Report?

  4. Can I have the same bottle multiple times in a section?

  5. Can I measure levels on beer bottles?

  6. Can I take inventory offline?

  7. Getting Started: How to set up Partender

  8. How can I quickly add bottles to a section?

  9. How can I see the total Wholesale Value On-Hand per Category of my current or previous inventory?

  10. How can I split up the work of Setup and Inventory to finish even faster?

  11. How do I add / create a manual invoice?

  12. How do I add / create a manual order?

  13. How do I add / create a new product?

  14. How do I add a bottle (Placement) into a Section?

  15. How do I add an Area or Bar?

  16. How do I add sections?

  17. How do I automate my purchase orders?

  18. How do I calcuate loss / variance in the Analytics page?

  19. How do I calculate loss (variance)?

  20. How do I cancel my membership?

  21. How do I delete a bottle / product online from the Products page?

  22. How do I delete a bottle from a section?

  23. How do I delete an inventory report?

  24. How do I download the app on my iOS device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad)?

  25. How do I edit a bottle or product?

  26. How do I enter wholesale prices (Wholesale Value)?

  27. How do I find out which operating system (OS) my device is on?

  28. How do I generate a Partender Smart Order and send it to my Distributor?

  29. How do I generate or run an inventory report?

  30. How do I get alerted on distributor price changes, automatically update my Wholesale Cost, and track orders for usage?

  31. How do I get my beverage / pour cost?

  32. How do I get my User Agent String?

  33. How do I integrate Partender with Compeat?

  34. How do I invite or remove users to my Partender Establishment?

  35. How do I log in?

  36. How do I measure kegs when doing inventory of draft beer, wine, or cocktails?

  37. How do I print my inventory report?

  38. How do I reset my password?

  39. How do I reset the counts / levels to 0?

  40. How do I see what version of Partender I am using?

  41. How do I set up my bar (venue) in the app?

  42. How do I upgrade to a membership plan?

  43. How do I use my data and analytics to earn more money?

  44. How do I view my Cost of Goods Sold?

  45. How do I view my Usage?

  46. How is the Inventory Report organized?

  47. How To Separate Draft vs Bottle Beer COGS?

  48. I can't find the Partender App on my iPad / iPad Mini

  49. Reformatting/Reorganizing Your Report

  50. The app crashed. What happened?

  51. Training Videos - Final Setup (Online Product Page)

  52. Training Videos - How to take inventory

  53. Training Videos - Initial Setup (Application)

  54. Updating Distributor Information

  55. Value on Hand tab in my inventory report does not add up correctly

  56. What devices does Partender work with?

  57. What do I enter for the retail price and serving size?

  58. What do I enter for wholesale and retail prices?

  59. What if I press the home button?

  60. What if I want other people to receive my inventory as well?

  61. What is a Bar or Area?

  62. What is a Par Level?

  63. What is a Section?

  64. What To Do If Your Rep Didn't Receive Your Purchase Order

  65. Where can I find Partender University Courses?

  66. Where do I enter my sales information?

  67. Where is my inventory report? Can I download my inventory report in my web portal?

  68. Which version of Android can I use with Partender?

  69. Why am I getting a network error?

  70. Why do the wine images look different?

  71. Why don't you have more nice product images?

  72. Why is Partender ordering individual beer bottles? I order beer by the case.

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