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How do I add / create a new product?

If the Partender public database does not carry the product or bottle size you need, you can create a new product to add to your database and app.

ATTENTION! Before you create a new product:
  • Make sure you spell the product name correctly when searching.
  • Search only product keywords, like "Macallan" and not "The Macallan."
  • Scroll through the search list and ensure your product does not exist before you create it - do not create a duplicate!

1. Search for the product and click "Create Product."

2. Enter the product name.

3.  Select the Product Type (type of beverage, type of liquor, etc.).
You can also select just "Beer" or just "Wine."

4.  Select the type of container.

5. Select the unit of measurement for the capacity.

6. Set the capacity of the container.

7. Select "Measurable" if you will ever measure the amount remaining in that container.  Select "Whole Units Only" if you will ONLY count that item by the total number of whole units.

8.  Take a picture of the product:
  • Fill up the entire frame with the bottle.
  • The label should face the front.
  • Aim the camera directly in front of the bottle from a low angle; do NOT point the camera down at the container!
Example of a picture with a good camera angle:

However, you'll want to avoid glares like in this picture. That's why it's even easier and better to use an image of the product you're adding from the web!

Finally, review the summary and confirm to create the product.  It will automatically be selected in the search screen.  Remember to click the green checkmark to add!

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