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Value on Hand tab in my inventory report does not add up correctly

You can find your total value on hand for the major product types (liquor, beer, wine, all beverage, etc.) in the "Value on Hand" tab in your inventory report.

The breakdown of values is a hierarchy of product types - it is not simply a linear list of values that all tally up to total beverage.

For example, the image below shows what some people mistakenly do - add up all values and assume the total beverage value is incorrect.  But this would be double or triple counting certain product values, because "Bourbon" is also already included in total Whiskey and total Liquor!

Look closely, and you'll notice that there are product sub-types within types

For example, the value of total Liqueur is actually the sum of products that are categorized as Rum Liqueur, Tequila Liqueur, and simply as Liqueur.  Similarly, the total value of Whiskey includes all products categorized as a Whiskey AND Whiskey sub-types.

If you take just the value of total Beer, Liquor, and Wine (and if present, Non-Alcoholic), you will get the total value for Beverage.

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