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How do I calcuate loss / variance in the Analytics page?

While you can use the Usage Report to calculate variance on a per product level, it's faster and easier to calculate variance with a top down approach starting first with broader product categories like liquor, beer, and wine.

1. Navigate to the Analytics page.
2. Set the date range, product types, and unit of measure you want to view for Usage.

3. You can compare your volume sold to the usage you see on the Analytics page, or you can click "Download Data" if you want to let Excel do the sales math for you.

PRO TIP: If you want to calculate liquor variance by number of liquor drinks sold, click Download Data with Units set to ounces. Enter the number drinks sold multiplied the pour size in ounces. Continue to add the set of drinks by pour size. Excel will calculate the total number of ounces!

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