How do I integrate Partender with Compeat?

Compeat integration is a paid premium feature, but we are currently giving away limited-time access for free!   Please take advantage of this free integration to learn if you would like to opt in for the future.  We want your feedback!

You can download your Partender inventory report in a .txt format so you can upload it into your Compeat system.

To download a Compeat compatible inventory file from Partender, you must first configure your Compeat Area and Product Mappings.

Note: Until you run your first inventory report, you will not be able to configure your Compeat Area and Product Mappings.

1.  Request access to Compeat and install the integration.

NOTE:  You must wait for the Partender Support Team to confirm your access. Once you are notified of your integration access, please go back to the Integrations page to install.

2. Configure the Area Mappings and Product Mappings to match your Compeat Areas and Product IDs.  Changes save automatically!

NOTE:  ALL Areas and Products MUST BE mapped before you will be able to export! 

3. Click 'Export Last Inventory Report' to download your inventory as a compatible .txt file.  Then upload into Compeat!

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