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How is the Inventory Report organized?

  • First we group everything by Product Category - Tier 1: Beverages, Food, and Smallwares. Many customers will only use and see Beverages.

  • Then it’s alphabetized by Product Category - Tier 2.

    • Eg: Beverage products will be grouped by Beer, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic, and Wine

  • Within that alphabetization of Tier 2, we then alphabetize Product Category - Tier 3

    • Eg: Within all the liquor, you’ll see the products alphabetized: Absinthe, Brandy, Cachaça, Gin, Liqueur, etc

  • Finally, within the alphabetization of Tier 3, we alphabetize the Selected Product Category

    • Eg: Within Liqueur, you’ll see Amaretto, Amaro, Liqueur, Schnapps, Whiskey Liqueur, etc

Does our standard organization not fit your establishment’s reporting needs? Read this article to learn how to reorganize your inventory report

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