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Why is Partender ordering individual beer bottles? I order beer by the case.

Partender tells you the exact amount of product you need to purchase in order to get your stock levels back up to par. This unfortunately means that sometimes, we’ll tell you to order quantities of beer that might not make sense.

Eg: Let’s say that your par level for Bud Light is 240 bottles (10 cases), and you had 5 bottles on hand for your most recent inventory report. When you generate your Purchase Orders for the week, Partender will tell you to order 235 bottles (to reach your par of 240).

Obviously your distributor doesn’t sell single bottles of beer; rather, they sell by the case (typically 24/case). To avoid confusion, you’ll need to update your order quantity to reflect the normal ordering flow. Change the “Qty Type” from “Units” (Bottles) → Cases

Once you’ve changed the Qty Type to Cases, input the number of cases you’d like to order (as well as the units per case). Just be sure to order a similar amount that reaches your par level, as you don’t want to over-order (excess stock) or under-order (missed sales).

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