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How do I reset the counts / levels to 0?

**Please use the Reset to Zero feature the day before you need to do inventory**

Partender saves your levels/counts from your previous inventory session for 3 main reasons:

1) If you make a mistake or realize that you forgot to count a few products after running your report, you can sign back in to make adjustments without having to start a full inventory session over again.

2) You can immediately swipe to the next item in your app without having to reset the inventory level.

3) You can sign in to spot check and make sure levels and counts are set accurately. This is a great feature for managers and owners!

When users request Reset to Zero access, it’s typically because their bottles are moving around a lot, and they haven't set up their bottles in their bars and stock rooms for consistency and speed-of-service, like their cash register -- there's a reason that our cash registers are set up the same exact way ($20s, $10s, $5s, $1s, change).

Thus, we generally advise against resetting levels to zero, unless your bar is extremely small and has no ability to have organized shelves, wells, etc. (think a small cruise ship galley kitchen where the only storage is deep cubbies for a multiple different SKUs). Reset to Zero shouldn't become a bandaid to disorganization!

Are you using Partender as your blueprint and having bartenders/bar-backs take 5 minutes to organize the physical bottles on the shelves prior to inventory (or even doing this yourself)? This weekly organization results in the fastest shelf-to-sheet inventory and guest happiness from increased speed-of-service.

If you are organizing your physical bottles to match your Partender Blueprint before each inventory, and you just want to keep track of what bottles you've leveled, then you are likely a good candidate for the Reset to Zero feature. 

Once you have access to the feature, follow the directions below to reset your levels to zero:

NOTE: Resetting to 0 requires Admin approval. Email to request access to the reset feature.

1) Sign into and navigate to the Venue page.

2) Click the reset function at the bottom right of the screen.

3) Read the warning, and type in "I understand" to confirm the reset.

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