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Where can I find Partender University Courses?

All Staff members involved in either inventory, ordering, receiving, invoicing, beverage cost, accounting, or menu engineering should complete the Partender Tour and Partender University Courses. 

Every time a new member of your team is invited to Partender, they will receive the Partender University Courses.

You can also find training in this article: 

Partender University Courses:
  • Course #1 - Complete Accurate Inventory in Minutes. How to set up and take inventory
  • Course #2 - Automate Invoicing & Beverage Cost. How to use the Product page, send/track orders, and view reporting & analytics

Pressed for time? Check out the "cheat sheet" Playlist on our YouTube Channel, which covers all basics of Partender in 30-90 second videos.

Please also review these Support Resources:

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