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How do I upgrade to a membership plan?

💯.  Thank you for joining our mission of giving people time back and helping everyone in our industry achieve financial wealth and success. We're excited to welcome you to our community of amazing operators working together to move our industry forward!

You can use these steps to select your membership plan:
  1. Go to your computer and open a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox (not Internet Explorer! 🙂)

  2. Click here to visit Partender's login page

  3. Log into your Partender account (let us know if you need help logging in)

  4. Click here to view the Plans page (for upgrading your membership)

  5. Select your membership plan: the Pro Monthly or Pro Annual - Best Value options

     Most operators prefer the Pro Annual membership due to the perks: 
    1. Exclusive member invitations
    2. Complimentary support and consulting sessions 
    3. A grandfathered rate for the life of your membership
    4. $1,600+ each year in discounts (and for them, this is equal to almost an additional free 12 months!)

  6. If you'd like the Pro Annual - Best Value, click the Get Pro Annual button

  7. Then simply fill in your preferred payment information and click Finished and you're all set! 

You can also upgrade to special add-ons like VIP Onboarding and select even better memberships (our version of a secret menu!). You can upgrade before or after joining/purchasing a membership, just call us at 888-787-4228 ext 1 or, and we can even convert your membership for you.

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