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How do I cancel my membership?

Looking to cancel your membership?

While we're sad to see you go as it's never been more important to maximize cash, never miss a sale, and give time back to your team, you can easily cancel your upcoming service term's renewal anytime by emailing 

If you're on an annual membership, per terms, your membership renews 30 days before your payment due date, so please make sure you cancel beforehand. 

If you're on a pay-as-you-go monthly membership, which is anywhere from 2x-4x the cost of multi-year membership, your membership renews on your payment due date. Thus, you'll want to make sure you cancel no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time the day before your payment date.

If you do cancel, you do forfeit your grandfather rate and access to Virtual Venue and data at the end of your current service term. 

As stated in receipts, terms, and welcome emails, Partender memberships are non-refundable. With this said, we are always willing to work with our members on special premium upgrades and Partender credits in case you didn't get a chance to take advantage of your membership due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Not finding the ROI other operators are experiencing? 

Reach out to and let us know the challenges you're having — you may qualify for premium concierge white-glove training credits to redeem 1-1 sessions with our Customer Success Team.  

Having cash-flow issues? 

If you're using Partender to its fullest, you'll be maximizing sales, profits, and cash! But if you haven't used it in full yet, you can always opt for one of our different payment schedules. Please ask us. Longer commitments even can get further discounts!

Looking for a free version? 

You can always use Partender's trial version for free beyond 14 days — you'll be able to keep track of levels of your individual bottles, you just won't be able to get reports, use smart orders, automate invoices, or view analytics (Beverage Cost, Trends, Price-Alerts) that are all part of premium memberships. Most users who do this are home users looking to keep track of their home bars. 🙂

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