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Why am I getting a network error?

Network errors are usually caused due to your device's inability to connect to the Internet when you are either trying to:
  1. Log into one of your accounts on the app to download our newest product catalogue updates, proprietary equations, and more before starting inventory
  2. Submit your inventory by tapping "Run Report" upon completion so that you can receive your instant and automatically-emailed spreadsheet with your Quantities On-Hand (Counts), Values On-Hand ("Balance Sheet" in Wholesale $ and Retail $), Suggested "Smart" Purchase Order Guides, and more.

Partender features one of the best-in-class "offline modes," such that cruise ships out in the middle of the ocean or staff in the basement of a city bar can seamlessly continue working offline, counting products and leveling bottles, as soon as Partender detects your device has gone offline.

However, to actually initially log in or subsequently sync your and your team's counts to "the cloud" before one person taps "Run Report," each device must connect to the Internet to sync changes. 

So, if you receive a network error:
  • Simply check to make sure you are in a place with good Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, check that your device is connected to the correct network, and then try again.
  • Oftentimes, some people's devices may still be reconnecting to the Internet once they've come up from the basement or out of the walk-in fridge to finish inventory, so give your device a minute to reconnect, "pull down on the list of Areas" to force a sync, and then try again.
  • You should also try going to a new website on your mobile browser to verify your device is successfully connected to the Internet
  • If you're still having problems, turn on Airplane Mode (ensuring that your device's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular antennas have all been turned off as well), wait 8 full seconds, and then turn off Airplane Mode so that your device recalibrates to its network(s)

If that still doesn't work, please give us a call at 1-888-787-4228, ext. 2 or shoot us an email at so we can help you and ensure this doesn't happen again. And in the interim, please refrain from pressing "Log Out" in the sidebar as that may discard any unsynced changes on your device. (Instead, simply minimize the app and then get in touch with us.)

Thank you!

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