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How do I measure kegs when doing inventory of draft beer, wine, or cocktails?

You can inventory anything on Partender, even kegs! 

If you do not see your keg in the database, simply take a picture and set the empty and full levels on the keg. You can also use or replace your picture with a Partender-Verified keg image by editing the picture from your Products page.

Obviously, you can't see through a keg! 🙃 When it's time to take inventory, operators have used several options:

You can use a humidifier or crack open the walk-in to see the condensation line and tap where that condensation line is on the keg. You can even get special ethanol strips to see how full the keg is. Some folks also use the "knock" test or weigh their kegs. The most important part of keg inventory is that you're tracking your inventory on Partender, so you can see trend lines and COGS. 

With Partender's Verified keg images, operators also use an inexpensive tool called KegCheck, which allows you get to view how full the keg is, so you can assess the % full of the keg without weighing the keg. You'd just tap the % on Partender's Verified keg image. We aren't affiliated with them but have operators that use their tool. 

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