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How do I view my Usage?

TIP:  In order to get accurate Usage and COGS, you must track your invoices from purchases.  Use your Partender usage to help calculate variance (loss).

You can view your Usage for any Product, alcohol type (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.), and product type (beer, liquor, wine, etc.) in your Analytics page.

On the left hand side of the web page, you can select:
  • The beginning and ending Snapshots or Dates for the time period you want to view,
  • Specific Products, and
  • Units (bottles, ounces, mL, shots)

TIP:  View usage in units of shots (1.5 ounces) or ounces to easily compare against your volume sold (number of drinks).

Want to see usage for every product you carry in your bar?  Export a per Product Usage Report directly from your Reports page!

Here's a video walkthrough of how to generate a Usage Report: 

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