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Can I take inventory offline?

You can set up or take inventory while in Airplane Mode if you're on an iOS device (you don't need to switch offline if you're on an Android device).

When should I go offline?

You may want to go offline when you are in an Area with very poor connection (walk-in cooler, stock room, etc.).

How do I work in 'offline mode'?
1. Tap into an Area, and then tap into all the Sections first to make sure all your bottles are initially loaded.

2. Swipe up on your device, and turn on Airplane Mode.

3. Take inventory!

4. When you're back in an area with good connection, turn off Airplane Mode and reconnect to data and/or wifi.

5. When you hit Run Report, you may have to wait longer for all your changes to sync before you get your report. Don't cancel your app. Just set your phone down and let it run!

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