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Training Videos - Initial Setup (Application)

How to set up your virtual venue in the application:

1. Start by adding the Areas of your Bar/Restaurant. An Area is any space where you serve or store alcohol, such as a Main Bar, Upstairs Bar, Stock Room, and Walkin Cooler.

2. Add the Sections in each Area.  Sections are where you have products sitting, such as shelves, wells, cabinets, or reach-in coolers.

3. Add the Products in each Section.
  • Add bottles exactly as you see them, from left to right.
  • Most Sections contain 10 - 30 bottles. Try no to add more than 50 bottles per Section.
  • Remember to select the correct bottle size!

Manage the Products in your Application

- Add a Product in between other Products

- Delete a Product

- Rearrange Products

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