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Reformatting/Reorganizing Your Report

For information on how we auto-format your inventory report, read this article.

While you aren’t yet able to have customizable settings for your inventory report, It’s very quick and simple to reformat or reorganize your weekly inventory report. Just follow the steps below. (Note: These steps can be used to reformat any type of excel file!)

  1. Highlight the entire document by clicking the top left corner of the document (where the rows and columns meet). If you aren’t wanting to reformat/reorganize the entire document, highlight your desired sections instead.

2. In your toolbar, click “Data” to bring down the menu. Then, select “Sort…”

3. A toolbar will appear showing you ways to reformat the document. You’ll want to click beneath “Columns” if you’re reformatting your inventory report.

4. Clicking on “Columns” will bring up all the other ways you can have the report organized. Make your selection. Once you’ve selected which column you want to organize by, be sure to select either “A to Z”, “Smallest to Largest”, etc.

5. Click Ok, and the report will reformat according to the selections you made.

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