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Updating Distributor Information

The Distributor page in your Partender portal currently lists all Public distributors in the Partender database plus Private distributors you have added for your Venue.

If you need to update a rep's email or name, you'll update their information on your next order to that Distributor:

  • Every time you submit a purchase order to your rep, we will prompt you to confirm or update the representative’s contact information. So if you have a new rep or need to edit the rep's email or name, you'll update the reps' information on your next order to the respective Distributor, and Partender will save the new rep's information.

Other Tips on Ordering:

  • Don’t forget - we automatically check the box that sends a copy to the user submitting the order. We recommend leaving that box checked, so you receive a copy of your order and confirm when it was sent.
  • If your rep isn’t receiving their order, read this article to help troubleshoot.
  • You also have the option to CC and BCC teammates and other reps on the orders.

We have a new Distributor portal coming out this year, with many new features. We'll update all users once it's out!

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