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How To Separate Draft vs Bottle Beer COGS?


We have plans to add functionality to the Analytics page by allowing you to search by Container Type, which will allow you to separate draft vs bottle beer cost of goods sold with just 1 click. Until then, however, this is another work around that shouldn’t take more than 30-60 seconds to complete.

Remember: in order for Partender to calculate your cost of goods sold, you must:

  1. Have wholesale values assigned to ALL products placed in your venue
  1. Track all of your purchases within the time period you are wanting the cost of goods calculated for
    1. Automate your purchase orders
    1. Create and send your orders
    1. Check in your orders and convert them to invoices
      1. or, manually create an invoice retroactively
  1. First, you’ll need to get your Cost of Goods Sold for all Beer products. The Dashboard will give you instant COGS, separated by Beer, Liquor, and Wine, for your 2 latest snapshots.

If you want your COGS for a different time period, you’ll need to go to the Analytics page. In the top right corner, select 2 latest snapshots, 5 latest snapshots, 10 latest snapshots, or select your own dates.

Once you select your dates, we’ll show you your COGS broken down by liquor, beer, and wine. In this example, we’ll be looking at the 2 latest snapshots. Notate the COGS for Beer (eg. $1309.71), as you’ll be using that number again soon.

Now go to the Reports page to generate a usage report.

Select the same dates you used in the Analytics page. You’ll want to view your usage in terms of Wholesale $; this will give you COGS for each individual product in your venue.

Once the report is generated, you’ll notice it’s organized alphabetically by Product Name. We want to get all of our Draft products together, so we’ll need to change the way the report is formatted. To start, click on the top left corner of the document where the rows meet the columns.

In your toolbar, click on “Data” and then “Sort…”

This will bring up a new toolbar. Click below “Column” to bring up the different columns to sort by

Figure out which Column is “Container Size” (grouping products by Container Size will lump all of the keg products together). Make that selection.

Change the Order: “Highest to Lowest”. This will put all of the Keg products at the top of the document. Click Ok.

Now all of your Keg/Draft products are grouped together at the top (notated by yellow highlight in the image below). Highlight the corresponding cells in “Actual Usage from Partender (Wholesale $)” for your Keg/Draft products. These cells represent the individual COGS for each Draft product. Highlighting the cells gives you a quick sum, which is actually your Draft COGS ($996.71).

Separate your Draft COGS from your Total Beer Cogs. The difference is your Bottled Beer Cogs (Total Beer COGS - Draft COGS = Bottle COGS)

  1. $1309.71 - $996.71 = $313.00

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