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How can I split up the work of Setup and Inventory to finish even faster?

You can split up the work of Setup and Inventory across multiple users and devices:
  • Each person can sign in with their own username on their own device.
  • All changes will sync and save in real-time on every device.
  • RULE:  Only 1 user should be in a Section at a time so you don't overlap work!
  • When you confirm that everyone is done counting their Sections, only 1 person has to hit "Run Report" to generate the inventory snapshot.
To add users:

You can add or remove users from the Personnel page of your web portal.
Only Admins can manage users. Please email if you are an admin land would ike to make an existing user an Admin on your account.

Please feel free to utilize our onboarding courses here:

Onboarding Course #1 (30min)Onboarding Course #2 (30min)

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