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How do I use my data and analytics to earn more money?

You can use your Analytics page to discover trends and opportunities within your inventory to help you save money and time.

In order to utilize your Analytics page, you must first complete 2 steps:
  1. Make sure all your Wholesale Prices are entered for each product in the Brands page.
  2. Either order through Partender and track purchases or enter your invoices into the Invoices page.

Use the filters on your Analytics page to view information
  • Date Range (recent snapshots or date range)
  • Brands (specific products)
  • Product Types (product categories like liquor, beer, wine, and spirit type)
  • Units (bottles, mL, shots, ounces)


Brand-by-Brand Comparisons

Select different combinations of products to compare:
  • Top five vodkas, Top five whiskeys, etc.
  • Top 10-20 highest volume items (what do you think you go through the most?)
  • Top 10-20 most expensive items (what do you want to keep an eye on?)
  • A Well liquors
  • Top 10-20 Premium liquors
  • All Draft beer
Use the graphs and tables to identify trends:
  • What products do I have more of? (high volume and wholesale on hand)
  • What are my top movers and poor movers? (usage)
  • What products have a higher or lower cost to me? (COGS & pour cost)
  • What items never go below a certain number of bottles? (dead stock)
Questions to ask:
  • Can I increase the price per shot/pour for my top movers and make more money?
  • Can I experiment with different promotions to move dead stock out the door?
  • Can I use this information to leverage better deals with my distributors?
  • Am I running out of anything and missing a sale?
  • Should I discontinue any poor moving products?

You can get even more detailed with the Usage Report

Want expert help? You can use your Support Credits to schedule a premium consultation with an Account Manager to get help analyzing your data.

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