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Getting Started: How to set up Partender

How to set up Partender in the mobile application:

The application is the tool you'll use to 1) complete the one-time setup process, and 2) take regular inventory.

Think of the app as a digital blueprint, or map, of your venue. The app is customized to your venue and represents the physical organization of your products. Familiar with shelf-to-sheet? Partender is shelf-to-app.

Building your venue in the app consists of 3 easy steps:

1. Add your Areas. An Area is any place in your venue where you serve or store your alcohol.

Examples: Main Bar, Patio Bar, Upstairs Bar, Stock Room, Liquor Room, Walkin Cooler, Liquor Cage, Wine Cellar, etc.
Areas apppng Add an Area apppng

2. Tap on an Area to add its Sections. A Section is any space in an Area where products are physically sitting.

Examples:  Left Shelves, Right Shelves, Top Display Shelf, Well 1, Well 2, Center Cabinet, Reach-in Cooler

UAL setup 4PNG UAL setup 7PNG     

3. Tap on a Section to add its Bottles. Add bottles in exactly as you see them, from left to right.

TIP: Remember to spell the brand name correctly, and choose the correct bottle SIZE!

UAL setup 9PNG UAL setup 10PNG UAL setup 16PNG           

Don't see your bottle in the database? Add a new bottle by taking a picture. You can inventory anything you can take a picture of!   Don't worry, you can sign in at to edit the product picture and information from your Brands page.

Add new bottlePNG

Next Steps
Take inventory. Tap on a bottle, set the level, then swipe across the screen to go to the next bottle. Tap and swipe!

Reduce Setup and Inventory time!
You can reduce the time it takes to set up and take inventory by splitting up the work among multiple people. Everyone can sign in and work at the same time as long as there is only 1 user in a Section at any given time.

You can add or remove users from the Personnel page of your web portal.
Only Admins can manage users. Please email if you'd like to make an existing user an Admin on your account.

If you or a teammate needs access to multiple establishments/outlets, please consult your dedicated Account Manager and/or

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